Electrician helmet MO-182 Series


EN 397


Safety ABS Helmet FIELD OF USE Safety helmet for industry or for electricians. CHARACTERISTICS  •ABS helmet, no ventilation, ultra light weight. •Low density – high pressure polyethylene head rim. •Deformable helmet in case of shock, equipped with a “gutter”. •Adjustable size from 53 to 62 cm, adjustment of head rim at 5 mm intervals. •4 points textile head base, adjustable for a perfect fit. •Frontal trimming. •In compliance with the standards: •EN 397. •Use at very low temperature: – 30°C. •Electrical insulation: 440 V AC; DIN EN 397 1000 V. •Protection against ejections of molten metal (MM). •EN 50 365 1000 V. Electrical insulating helmet for low voltage uses. •ANSI Z 89.1 20000 V. Reference MO-182/1-B:Safety helmet for electrician, color white/0,3kg MO-182/1-R:Safety helmet for electrician, color red/0,3kg MO-182/1-J:Safety helmet for electrician, color yellow/0,3kg OPTIONS : You can complete your equipment with the following : •MS-124/2: 5 LEDs headlamp (supplied with universal adhesive support). •M-95-864: hooks set to fix the headlamp on the helmet. •MO-284: Arc flash proof face shield Class 1 with elastic. •MO-284-C: Arc flash proof face shield Class 1 with clips.
Author: bichengcheng