EN 397 helmet CW-11947


EN 397
Other characteristics
with visor
390 g (14 oz)


IMPORTANT The main mission of CATU is to provide security solutions to protect people from electrical risks. In the context of COVID-19, CATU is expanding its offer by offering 3 levels of face protection against aqueous liquid splashes, thus enabling people to work safely. These new solutions are not certified against electrical risk. PROTECTIVE HELMET FOR FACIAL SCREEN CW-11948 AGAINST LIQUID SPRAY PROTECTION LEVEL 3: PROTECTION OF THE FACE AND THE HEAD Safety helmet with 4 attachment points. Complies with EN 397. Dimensions: 390 x 200 mm Materials: ABS + PP Weight: 390 g Non contractual photo. Color may vary depending on availability Mini order: 30 pieces
Author: bichengcheng