Chemical protection hood


chemical protection
Other characteristics
anti-static, disposable, fire-retardant


The Matcon line of air supplied protective clothing is a result of long research and developments. Independent studies / tests meet the stringent requirements of European CE regulations. The range consists out of a; hood, half suit (blouse) and full suit. The line of clothing is made in a wide range of materials and laminate-coated fabric in order to provide protection against chemical liquids, gases, dust, aerosols and radio active particles protection. The air system provides the hood of air. A wide panoramic visor flexible or rigid visor possibly with an additional cross visor. The spacious main area offers plenty of freedom of movements and maximum visibility. All hoods contain sufficient exhalation valves so that an excess pressure vented and that and a pressure remains within the suit. Eyelets are attached to make sure that the hood may be to the suspension frame (3 point pendant) if the suit is not in use. Properly stowed A removable waist strap, to wear the air system is attached to the hood. The breathing air hose is attached to the belt which is connected with the air system that is running over the shoulders of the user. Each hood is equipped with a neck seal or a drawcord which should be tightened up when the hood is placed over the head. The hoods are user friendly to work with and developed for practical use. This hood is the smaller version of the standard air supplied hood. The visor is also smaller. We also have a limited life use / disposable version of a Compact air hood.
Author: bichengcheng