Protection hood 180W


Other characteristics
disposable, breathable


The greatest threats to cleanrooms are the humans working in it. With every movement particles from the clothes, hair and skin are released into the cleanroom. No rules of conduct can prohibit this contamination as effective as cleanroom clothing. Our DACH Cleanroom Hood has a flex-zone that offers perfect protection at any possible movement angles, thus providing highest agility with an unhindered view. The optimized collar length and shoulder cover allow continuous protection when worn in combination with other protective clothing. Even in combination with glasses and respirators this hood offers perfect coverage. Made of extra fine and breathable non-woven polypropylene, the DACH Cleanroom Hood offers highest comfort and maximum all-round protection. The material and design was thoroughly tested and showed excellent performances. Tested accordingly to the Helmke-Drum-Test the DACH Cleanroom Hood may be suitable for class 4 ISO 14644-cleanrooms. Further testing of the applied material accordingly to ISO 10993-5 shows excellent biocompatibility and is therefore extremely skin-friendly, thus your comfort and safety is ensured. The material is antistatic treated: no sparks when removing the cap.
Author: bichengcheng