EN 397 helmet TC42ES


EN 397
Other characteristics
with light, with visor, noise-reduction


STANDARD : Helmet: EN 397, EN 50365 1000 V Screen: EN 166 – EN167 – EN168 – EN170 GS-ET-29 CE marking USE : Intended for systems electricians (operation, industry, offices etc.) Designed for protection from short circuits and their effects. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS : Helmet : – Polyethylene outer and inner shells. – Replaceable black textile harness. – Side and central inserts for the attachment of accessories (ear muffs, head lamps …). – Replaceable absorbent antiperspirant headband. – Head size: 53 – 62 cm. Screen: – Polycarbonate material, thickness: 1,5 mm. – Optical quality class 1: distortion free for permanent wear. – Protection against high-speed particles. – Protection against liquid splashes. – Protection against electric arc from short circuit. – Anti-fog treated. – Anti-scratching treated. – Marking: 2-1,2 SFE 1 B 8-1-0-K 3. Helmet delivered without accessory. ADVANTAGES : Screen far enough away from the face to allow the wearing of glasses . Optical quality class 1 screen: better vision during long term works. The face is fully covered thanks to the size of the screen. The crash box absorbs shocks up to 40% of the kinetic energy from impact to prevent head contusions. Screen is easy to manipulate with insulated gloves. 4-point chinstrap provides an excellent fit of the helmet. Automatic buckle on chinstrap for rapid closing and opening. Automatic release of the screen by lateral pressure. Head size adjustment made by turning the headband knob. TABLE LEGEND : Other colors available on request. Side/front marking available on request.
Author: bichengcheng