Auto-darkening welding helmet T94™


TIG, MIG, arc


T94™ Maximized comfort, visibility and productivity for the professional welder – featuring ClearLight™ Lens Technology Features WHAT’S INCLUDED – 5 outside cover lenses – 2 inside cover lenses – Helmet bag ClearLight™ Lens Technology High-definition optics for precision arc recognition Lightweight Lighter for reduced operator fatigue Well-Balanced Design Designed to substantially reduce neck torque Premium Headgear Four-point flexible headgear provides a secure fit, while oversized comfort cushion maximizes all-day wearability X-Mode™ Electromagnetically senses the weld to eliminate sunlight interference and continuously detects the arc even if sensors are blocked InfoTrack™ 2.0 Monitors arc time and arc count for quoting and metrics Engineered For Rugged Environments Design enhancements protect AD lens from dust and moisture; Aluminum heat shield reflects heat to keep lens and user cooler External Grind Control Allows for seamless transitions from welding to grinding Quick-Release Cover Lens Simplifies lens changes, reducing downtime GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Title T94™ Industries Interests Automotive Manufacturing Aerospace Construction Fabrication Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Manufacturing Shipbuilding Arc Sensors 4 Colors Patterns Matte Silver Delay Control ✔ Digital ✔ Grind Mode ✔ New Headgear ✔ Low Amp TIG Rated ✔ Low Battery Indicator ✔ Modes Weld Cut X-mode External Grind Reaction Time 1/20,000 Sensitivity Control ✔ Shell Material Nylon Shade Range 3, 5-8, 8-13 Viewing Field 9 in Warranty 3 Years Miller’s True Blue Warranty
Author: bichengcheng