Auto-darkening welding helmet VANTAGE RED XL,TIG,MIG




Automatic helmet mask ideal for MMA, MIG-MAG and TIG welding with external darkening adjustment (DIN 4/5 ÷ 9/9÷13). The LCD liquid crystal filter automatically darkens when the welding arc is running and quickly returns to its transparent status when the arc is switched off; this means the operator does not need to lower and raise his mask during operations and allows him to work with both hands free. It is not only fitted with a filter sensitivity adjuster depending on the welding process being carried out, but also has an external adjuster which can delay the time between darkening and lightening phases when the arc welding has been completed, according to the level of brightness of the piece. Features: – light and comfortable to wear, – adjustable automatic darkening filter, – XL viewing area, – 4 sensors, – dark-light delay adjuster, – solar cell powered, – transparent glass protection filter. Optional: External glass protection 134x114mm Kit 2 pcs cod.802939 Internal glass protection 69.5×103.5mm Kit 2 pcs cod.802949
Author: bichengcheng